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How to Market to the Most Hard-to-Reach Generation

Let’s face it: you’re probably missing out on targeting your content to younger adult audiences. Despite these folks being more connected than ever before, it’s proven difficult for brands to effectively market to the demographic. Gen Z has grown up with the internet and is quick to identify when they are being marketed to; their media literacy is tough to beat. They can smell product placement from a mile away, and are immediately turned off by the insincerity of most campaigns. So how can you earn this generation’s attention? How can you get them to apply to your job listing, or buy your product?

The team here at Anania Bailey is excited to offer our insight on tapping into Gen Z’s potential through strategic marketing in our upcoming webinar, “Gen Z Isn’t Listening: How to Reach the Digital Generation”. Go beyond surface-level marketing and create content that truly speaks to a younger demographic, engages them, and prompts them to take action.

Friday, February 16th at 1pm

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